Power of Thoughtforms

January 25, 2011

A thoughtform is a manifestation of mental energy, also known as a tulpa in Tibetan mysticism.

I couldn’t have said it better. I have practiced Tao (not an ism), and Zen for many years now. Within the ancient chronicles and texts are hints of how we can manifest a life where our authentic self can live harmoniously and happily in the world. Using thoughtforms is one way of doing it. In Western thought, we might say, if you would only put your mind to it then… the desired result will come. Possibly. Not probably. It takes more than intention, in fact…, it is not even a matter of more or less intention, or some comparative. This can be illustrated by people who think if they work harder, they will reap more benefits, particularly money. If they have more money, they will live a better life. If they live a better life, they will be happier, and so on. Of course, we know working harder, making more money, and living better does not always translate into lasting harmonious, happy lives. It often leads to poor health, short lives, divorce, disharmony and unhappiness. It is the modern existential crisis that is fairly widespread these days. So how then can thoughtforms help us along the path to well-being?

The rudimentary idea of a thoughtform is if we take our mental energy and direct it thus, the logical outcome is we will manifest what we desire. In psychology, that is called wishful thinking or magical thinking, as it is not rational. It is one of those things that sounds good on paper, but it is pure illusion. In Buddhism and Hinduism that would be called Maya. Maya is the veil of illusion. It keeps us from seeing reality. In fact, it is a diversion of the real power of thoughtforms. In Tibetan beliefs thoughtforms are Tulpas, or creations of the mind. They are extensions of being. They are said to have power and they can travel, as in astral traveling. That is an ancient way of viewing creative thought. Advancing the concept from ancient to modern, we find it is more like vivid or inspired imagination where we can direct our thoughts, and through intense focus, manifest our ideas in three dimensional reality. It takes more than intent – it takes discipline and willpower. I would have to say as a creative person, this is what artists experience when they are creating a piece of art or music. The result is the thoughtform becomes creation born into reality.

Entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators, and artists alike share this process. We imagine how something could take shape. We challenge our minds to develop a process – how do we get from here to there – how do we make it happen, and voila! We make it happen. This is the power of thoughtforms and it is alive and well all over the world. We are challenged today to individually and collectively manifest thoughtforms that will benefit our well-being. The conditions of our world prompts us to contribute to the betterment of our communities and help restore our environment and life around us. In astrology we are told this is the cusp of the age of Aquarius where we will break old paradigms and think and live in new ways. As Robert Wilkinson has said:

We have a much greater future than we suspect, but we must organize into thoughtform building groups to bring forth a better world by negating the destructive thoughtforms that pervade our psychic atmosphere. Thoughtforms must be crafted with great precision if we are to bring forth the desired effect with a minimum of unintended consequences. And of course we must have faith in our power to bring forth desirable manifestations, if we just align with Spirit. Works here are the demonstration of our faith.

Just as I have written in my first book, we must turn away from selfishness, narcissistic behavior, and controlling people, and pursue a life beyond those negatives. It can be done through constructive and well thought out means. The power of creative thinking and thoughtforms lies in this simple equation: When we join together with other like-minded persons who are manifesting their positive ideas for the betterment of others we create multipliers of energy and this will be the energy that drives innovation, invention, and artistic endeavors collectively to successful ends. And those ends will be the legacy we leave to the next generation and beyond.

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