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Update: Swiss Banker Found Guilty of Violating Secrecy Laws

January 20, 2011

Reuters Reports:
The Swiss police on Wednesday arrested Rudolf M. Elmer, a former executive of the Swiss bank Julius Baer, in connection with giving data to WikiLeaks, hours after he was found guilty of breaching Swiss bank secrecy laws in another case[2007].

Seems certain people will not want to be found out. Too bad, the cat is out of the bag. Former Swiss banker, Rudolf Elmer, has handed over more information on two CDs to Wikileaks on Monday with purported lists of over 2000 of the uber-wealthy — corporations, corporate heads, politicians, and celebrities — who are tax evaders. I cannot wait to read that list.

The real question is the safety of Julian Assange. This expose could be the icing on the cake of his revelations of how our Global Economy really works. While the rest of everyday Americans are paying their taxes and struggling to get by, these entitled rat-bastards are hiding their wealth and paying no taxes. Just doesn’t seem fair, does it?

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