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Green Jobs Growing in California

January 20, 2011

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Green jobs at clean-tech or alternative-energy companies are flourishing in California, with nearly a quarter of them based in Los Angeles, a study has found.

Employers offering jobs in fields such as solar power generation, electric vehicle development, environmental consultation and more added 5,000 jobs in 2008. About 174,000 Californians were working in eco-friendly fields by early 2009, compared with 111,000 in 1995, said nonprofit research group Next 10.

The report, released late Tuesday, looks at the most recent data available, Next 10 said.

The so-called green workforce expanded 3% from January 2008 to January 2009 -– three times the growth of overall employment around the state. Standouts include the energy-generation sector, which includes renewable-energy efforts such as wind and hydropower.

San Diego saw a 7% increase as the local energy-generation industry –- primarily solar and wind companies — beefed up hiring by 39% in 2008 compared with the year before.

One interesting statistic: The green economy has revived, to some extent, the long decline of manufacturing in California. About 26 percent of green workers are employed actually making things, compared to 11 percent of all employees.

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