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Giant Fireball Streaks over Mississippi

January 14, 2011

SpaceWeather reports: MISSISSIPI FIREBALL: On Jan. 11th around 8:45 pm CST, many people in the southeastern USA saw something streak across the sky and explode. The blast produced infrasound waves detected as far away as Canada. Data from a University of Western Ontario monitoring station reveals the nature of the event: “It was a meter-size meteor with more than a metric ton of mass, exploding like 40 to 80 tons of TNT,” says Bill Cooke of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office. “This was one big rock, and the odds are good that there are fragments on the ground.” An analysis of sightings by meteorite hunter Rob Matson suggests the fall zone is in central Mississippi, possibly around Jackson. People in the area should be alert for odd-looking rocks.

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