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Bullseyes, Targets, and Crosshairs…all Semantics, eh?

January 10, 2011

I started shooting guns with my brothers when I was 14. We would go out to the desert and shoot bottles and cans. When I got a little older and got my own handgun, I went to an indoor range where I shot at targets. Now a bullseye is dead center of the target. None of the targets I shot at had crosshairs on the paper target. But…. I have also shot many types of rifles, 30/30, 308, and 30-06. Some had scopes with sites in them. They all had crosshairs in the scope so you can “site” your target, meaning, line up the rifle to the target and shoot more accurately.

Bullseyes, targets, scopes, sites, crosshairs are all different things.

In my opinion, the cross marks on the map below look very much like crosshairs I have seen in rifle scope sites.

Hmmm, i think she knows a little about weapons…. you’re hitting pretty close to dead center, says the trainer.

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