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Republicans Governors Going After Medicaid to Drop or Deny Enrollees

January 7, 2011

The Wall Street Journal reported today that GOP governors are “pressing the Obama administration to make it easier for states to cut Medicaid enrollment”…. meaning deny people care.

33 Republican governors plan to send a letter to the President and congressional leaders requesting that a portion of the new health care law be removed. The rule in question states that dropped enrollees would lose Federal monies that largely funds the program. With state government budgets in the red and strained due to decreased tax revenues, governors are looking for ways to cut state programs. It is no surprise that Republicans will try to balance their budgets on the backs of the poor, elderly, disabled and needy.

WSJ reported Medicaid enrollment rose to 47.8 million people in 2009 from 42.6 million in 2008, according to the Census Bureau.

Quite frankly, there are two ways to get costs under control:

1. Create more jobs to increase state tax revenue

2. Put into a place a moratorium on physicians costs, medical costs, and related costs and/or establish a new Fair Rate schedule for doctors.

To be charged $180 for a twelve and half minute visit with your doctor or any doctor is exorbitant and exploitive, meaning they are benefiting in an unjust way. Doctors need to take another look at their Hippocratic oath that states to Do No Harm and to practice medicine in an ethical way. Overcharging patients is most definitely doing harm to the patient, to the healthcare system which is strained to the gills, and consequently to our society where medical debt was just reported today as the number one cause of all personal bankruptcies.

Entire WSJ article, click here

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