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John McLaughlin: On Coltrane And Spirituality In Music

January 3, 2011

I first heard John McLaughlin radical fusion guitar work with the great one, Santana on Love, Devotion, Surrender. It is not for the weak. It will challenge your musicality even if you are a heavy rock guitar lover.

then with Jeff Beck……

Now, John takes on a new project inspired by John Coltrane and his work Love Supreme. NPR story: John McLaughlin: On Coltrane And Spirituality In Music

Guitarist John McLaughlin never saw saxophonist John Coltrane perform. The jazz icon died in 1967, before McLaughlin had the chance. But Coltrane’s historic 1965 album A Love Supreme has inspired every twist and turn of McLaughlin’s career since he first heard it.

“It took me, actually, a year of listening to that record almost every day to finally hear what [Coltrane] was doing musically,” McLaughlin says. “The least I can say is that he was very advanced, as a human being and a musician.

  1. Tom
    August 20, 2011 at 12:57 pm

    Every guitarist, after years of devoted searching, which includes moments of extacy and despair, learns that the art of it is what you create in the theatre of the mind and by the sympathetic hum of energy throughout the nervous system. Good music must be transcendant. It’s about light, energy and vision, creation and beauty. John McLachlan and several others understand how fleeting precious moments of creation can be, and the importance of passing that energy and vision on to all of us who are a part of our fleeting moment of existence within creation. Frankly, art and religion are very similar.

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