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Clean Up Our Debts to Pursue Our Future

January 3, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown will be sworn in today as California’s 39th governor, promising an era of austerity to clean up California’s budget and get our state moving again.

Simply put, hard choices will be made and sacrifices will be endured by most Californians in order to right our ship of state. Brown is the man to implement such an austerity plan that will accomplish what needs to be done. There is no doubt we need to extend temporary income, sales and vehicle taxes that were approved in 2009 and scheduled to expire in July. I personally agree with that strategy as the current scenario must be brought under control to set the stage for real economic recovery. I would be willing to pay a new sales tax of 10% on everything for the next two years to help get our state budget cleaned up.

How bad is it?
The state faces a $28 billion budget shortfall through June 2012, and multi-billion dollar shortfalls are projected for the foreseeable future.

When California gets its act together, the nation will recover as the large demographic of this state is a powerful engine for commerce and innovation. Governor Brown is intent on helping to lead California in the Green revolution to create 500,000 new alternative energy jobs. He has my full support.

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