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Best Environmental Site 2010: Climate Progress

December 28, 2010

I am happy to endorse Climate Progress as my favorite 2010 informative and educational site for understanding our climate and global warming. (yes, they are two different things — go over to their site to find out more).

Today’s CLICK-BACK article: How carbon dioxide controls earth’s temperature

October 18, 2010

A study by GISS climate scientists recently published in the journal Science shows that atmospheric CO2 operates as a thermostat to control the temperature of Earth….

CO2 is the key atmospheric gas that exerts principal control (80% of the non-condensing GHG forcing) over the strength of the terrestrial greenhouse effect. Water vapor and clouds are fast-acting feedback effects, and as such, they are controlled by the radiative forcing supplied by the non-condensing GHGs….

There is no viable alternative to counteract global warming except through direct human effort to reduce the atmospheric CO2 level.

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