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Three Men: Adams, Disney, and Muir

December 27, 2010

There are three men who inspired me to understand the importance of preserving the Earth and promoting my love of natural spaces and wildlife: Ansel Adams, Walt Disney, and John Muir. To be sure, Jacques Cousteau also is a hero of mine as regards the ocean and its domain.

Walt Disney, True Life Adventure, The Living Desert

When I was a youngster I saw the Living Desert. Made in 1953, this Disney film was part of his True Life Adventure series. It inspired me like none other. I became instantly interested in the desert — I ended up living in the desert for eight years in the 70s. I loved the open space, the variety of living creatures, and the awesome sunsets. The film was not only educational for a young person, but for me, inspirational. See a clip below.

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John Muir, Yosemite and the Sierra Club

When I was a teen, I read about Scottish naturalist,John Muir. I came to understand for the first time the threat to open land, forests, and waterways through Muirs eyes. I learned about Yosemite and the founding of the Sierra Club. Although I have never been to Yosemite, it is on my short list for things to do — soon. Take a peak at PBS’s The National Parks videos from last years award winning documentary series.

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Ansel Adams and the Range of Light

Finally, the man who has inspired my photography and millions of others, the master of light, Ansel Adams. I have seen his work up close and personal. I had the honor to listen to a talk by his wife back in the 80s about his work, his early years, and his process. His love of Yosemite translates Muirs love into dramatic, elegant imagery. I own several books including, Yosemite Range of Light. To know more about Ansel Adams you can purchase Ansel Adams, American Experience, click here

Take a few minutes to view this clip of the Living Desert:

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