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Obama Comments Are Offensive

December 17, 2010

Overconfidence is overrated and in this case Obama’s overconfidence in his idea of what he is doing is offensive:

“This is not about fighting against someone who has a few more dollars than the next person,” he said. “It is to do what we’re sent here to do, which is to make sure that this capitalistic system works for everybody, including those who are not employed.” President Obama upon signing the tax bill giving a $2 trillion tax break to the weathiest 2% who make more than a what he characterizes as a ‘ few more dollars’ over everyday Americans. I found the President’s remarks offensive. Is he even aware of what he saying these days? Seems we are witnessing an alter-ego or something worse – a man who, like Joe Lieberman, has abandoned his party. You did not do America any favors today, Mr. President. It is everyday Americans who will be paying off that two trillion dollars you just added to the $13 trillion dollar deficit, for years to come.

So, what do we have here? Boldness and the audacity of hope for a renewed Obamacan America as enabled by our President starting with the new Republican dominated Congress in 2011. The NY Times reported today:

Mr. McConnell, the Senate Republican leader, declared victory Friday on two major fronts — taxes and spending — and said voters should take note: “The American people are seeing change here in Washington. They can expect more in the New Year.”

His overconfidence is nauseating. His estimation of what Americans want borders on delusional.

“After two years of policies that lacked public support, the tide is beginning to turn,” Mr. McConnell said.

Noting that President Obama was about to sign the tax bill, Mr. McConnell said: “Republicans have fought hard for this legislation. Up until last week, most Democrats resisted. But in the end, the American people were heard.”

I am not one of those Americans. I do not support Republicans or Obamacans, nor their banking friends, nor their conservative, regressive, prejudicial ideology. I do not approve of their unethical tactics. I do not endorse their ways and means approach to governing or role of government. No, I am not one of those Americans.

What is coming down the pike I fear to think: More of all of these things:

More war: Possibly war with N. Korea or maybe Iran.
More energy problems: higher oil prices, meaning oil crisis
More attacks on Social Security
More underfunding of Medicare
More Environmental damage by fracking, tarssands development, and deep water drilling
More widespread joblessness for people over 55 – the Boomers
More deregulation on all fronts
More consolidation of mass media & news outlets
More consolidation of web providers & elimination of Net Neutrality
More risky business in Credit Default Swap markets

And that’s just for starters. Time to sharpen the longknives for YES WE CAN vote President Obama out of office. The campaign for 2012 just started today and Liberals and Progressives will be on the war path for the next two years, if not longer to undo the damage that this rookie politician has done.

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