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Apples, Wine and Turmeric

December 1, 2010

Many healthnuts have known for years the many benefits of eating apples, pectin for one as it is a good source of fiber. Now it seems apple skins, have other properties that may have an effect on slowing Alzheimers Disease.

Supplements derived from apple skins, red wine and tumeric might someday help slow the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s and related diseases, according to accumulating evidence.

The details are complicated and still a matter of debate. But the scientists involved are basing their strategy on what they say is a new way of thinking about Alzheimer’s.

In their view, a group of chemicals called type-2 alkenes, which are widespread in both the environment and the brains of Alzheimer’s patients, act as major drivers of the disease. In turn, said chemical neurotoxicologist Richard LoPachin, neutraceuticals of the future could stop these brain-damaging chemicals in their tracks.

Already, LoPachin’s group has developed just such a compound that, in Petri dishes at least, sops up type-2 alkenes and protects nerves from harm.

“If you talk to someone else, they may tell you I’m nuts,” said LoPachin, of the Montefiore Medical Center in Bronx, New York. “We know that humans are pervasively exposed to type-2 alkenes, but nobody has ever considered the possibility that type-2 alkenes in the environment might be involved in Alzheimer’s. It’s a new theory of Alzheimer’s.”

So, the other aspect to this article is that our dirty environment and second hand smoke are the culprits that cause these type-2 alkenes (see link below), and these nasty little buggers are what help gunk up our brains and cause Alzheimers. No surprise as my mom has dementia and both her husbands smoked like fiends. Both died of cancer. I am an ex-smoker who smoked for twenty years and stopped upon the death of my step-father at age 56 twenty-five years ago. My father died this year of lung cancer. Smoking and car exhaust are killers. For myself, I eat plenty of apples and take Curcumin which has turmeric in it.

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