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Rewind: Koch Bros. Deliberate Climate Misinformation

November 12, 2010

Path to Well-Being is helping to spread the word about Koch Industries and its long history of working to deceive the American people about climate change, by pointing its readers to a new website setup by Repower America and Climate Progress:


Recent Climate Progress newsletter stated: The goal is to identify organizations that have hijacked our democracy, devastated our environment and denied the science of climate change — all while reaping massive profits.

Now, you may have heard a thing or two about Koch Industries. Their role in funding climate change deniers is well documented. What you may not realize is that Koch intentionally flies beneath the radar. David Koch likes to joke that Koch Industries is the biggest company you’ve never heard of. They’re able to remain unknown because they hide behind shadowy front groups like Americans for Prosperity. Co-founded by David Koch, Americans for Prosperity funds advertising and public events designed to mislead Americans about climate change and energy policy.

Koch Industries knows that if Americans realized that a massive oil pipeline and refinery company was behind harmless-sounding groups that work to mislead us about climate change, no one would listen to them. They want you to think that what is good for the oil industry is good for the American people, but you and I both know what they actually care about: their bottom line.

That’s why we’ve launched a new website: http://www.KochIndustriesFacts.com.

The site serves as a catalog of facts about Koch Industries and its owners, the brothers Charles and David Koch. What we’ve listed on the site is just the beginning. Click around for a bit, and if you see something that’s missing, make sure to let us know. I hope you’ll join us in highlighting Koch Industries’ worst transgressions by submitting a Koch fact of your own and passing the site along to a friend.

– Josh Nelson/Climate Progress


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